Winner Schools Open on Aug. 24

new winner teaching staff

Teachers are busy getting classrooms ready to greet students on the first day of school on Aug. 24 in the Winner School District.

There will be a full day of school with breakfast and lunch served.  Classes will start at 8 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m.

There will be school in Winner Friday, Aug. 25.

New staff starts off with a new superintendent as Keven Morehart begins his first year in the Winner district.  Previously, he was superintendent in Philip for 12 years.  “It is the best time of year when all the kids get to come back,” said Morehart.

The new superintendent is excited to start his first year in Winner. “I am really excited to experience this school district which is 2.5 times bigger than where I was before. I want to get to meet the kids and experience a staff that is twice as many as I had in Philip,” he said.

In addition to Morehart, new staff include: Lindsay Zeigler, special education aide; Kody Assman, pre-K educational aide; Bailey Harter, pre-K educational aide; Reagan Nielsen, special education teacher; Melanie Morehart, 2nd grade; Laura Cernetisch, speech language pathologist assistant.

There will be a couple of teacher changes. Kirstin Livermont will move to the high school where she will teach pre-algebra, Algebra I and personal finance. She had been the fifth grade teacher.

Mary Hosford will teach fifth grade.

There were a lot of improvement to the school facilities over the summer. New carpet was added to a part of the elementary school, new LED lighting was installed in the Armory and elementary school, new surface was placed on the track at the football field.

A new sign that says “Warrior Field” has been painted on the back of the football stadium.

Monday, work started on a new heating and air conditioning in the Winner Armory. Previously, the Armory did not have air conditioning and it will now be air conditioned.

Morehart looks for an enrollment of about 700 students. The official student count will not be submitted to the state until the end of September.

The Winner’s Club Out of School Time program will begin on Aug. 24. For enrollment forms, persons can go to the web site at

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