Veteran Receives Past-Due Medal

clarence jerke getting pin

By Hot Springs Star staff  

HOT SPRINGS – At the command, “Sergeant Jerke, Front and Center!” Army Korean War veteran Clarence Jerke, formerly of Winner,  jumped to his feet and walked to the front of the auditorium during the Resident’s Council meeting at the State Veterans Home in Hot Springs.  Unbeknownst to Jerke, he was about to receive a long-overdue medal for his service.

As State Home Director of Operations Randy Meyers read from a letter signed by Kim Dae-jung, the President of the Republic of Korea and dated June 25, 2000, State Home Superintendent Brad Richardson pinned the Korean Service Medal to Jerke’s shirt front.

The Korean Service Medal was awarded by the Republic of Korea in 2000, 50 years after the start of the conflict, as a way to thank the American Servicemen and women for their efforts in safeguarding the country.

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