Triple Crown Rodeo A Success

By Shelley Heath

The Triple Crown Rodeo has been going on for many years the first weekend in May. Different towns have hosted the event through the years, and last year White River, Winner and Burke each held a performance. This year, Winner hosted two of the days followed by Burke hosting one. For most of the rodeo athletes, this was their first rodeos of the season. These rodeos are considered a practice rodeo.

The important rodeos are the Regional Rodeos held the first two weekends in June, one held in Highmore and the other at Fort Pierre. From these 4 Rodeos, athletes want to gather as many points as possible to carry into state finals held June 13-16 in Belle Fourche. A minimum of 3 points is needed to make it to state which means they will need to place in the top 8 of each event.

With the rodeo being on the first weekend in May, the weather can be a big variable, but for this year’s Triple Crown Rodeo, the weather was sunny and the arena was nice and dry. Prizes were awarded to the top 4 placers in each event, buckles for first place, quarter zips for second place, tumblers for third and frames/money clips for fourth. All Around winners were awarded an Aztec blanket.

Results From the First Performance at Winner.

Boys Cattle Cutting: Hugh Groves, 70; Jackson Grimes, 70; Reece Ullerich, 68 and Blasé Steffen 67.

Girls Cattle Cutting: Kailyn Groves, 72; Sage Gabriel, 69; Josi Stevens, 68.5; Allison Clemetson, 68.

Reined Cow Horse: Natalie Leisinger, 146.5; Blasé Steffen, 142.5; Saydee Heath, 140.5; Jackson Grimes, 140.

Pole Bending: Ramee Jo Hanson, 22.255; Lainee Schonebaum, 22.798; Natalie Leisinger, 22.801 and Cheyenne Carroll, 22.970.

Barebacks: Zach Faehnrich, 64. Steer Wrestling: Beau Dean, 18.75; Logan Lemmel, 34.92. Saddle Broncs: Tanner Williamson, 70; Kolton Salonen, 67; Clint Donaldson, 64; Mason Tipton, 59. Bull Riding: Kaler Kirkie, 69.

Breakaway Roping: Madison Kontz, 3.58; Whitley Heitsch, 4.20; Sydney Theobold, 4.27; Mikenzy Miller, 4.42.

Goat Tying: Keisha Rayhill, 7.51; Mikenzy Miller, 7.92; Josi Stevens, 7.98; Whitley Heitsch, 8.07.

Team Roping: Saige Schuyler and Brandon Volmber with 13.9; Josi Stevens and Cheyenne Adams with 16.19; Jace Ullerich and Reece Ullerich with 16.46; Layna Tibbs and Riley Birkeland with 24.29.

Tie Down Roping: Ty Moser, 11.86; Blasé Steffen, 12.01; Dawson Phillips, 13.03, Jesse Hostutler, 13.23.

Barrels: Josi Stevens, 17.130; Keisha Rayhill, 17.180;Mikenzy Miller, 17.280; Kelci Bends, 17.300.

First Perfomance All Around Cowgirl was Josi Stevens and All Around Cowboy was Blasé Steffen.

Results from the Second Performance in Winner.

Boys Cattle Cutting: Blasé Steffen, 71; Reece Ullerich, 69; Cedar Gabriel, 67; Trayer Schmidt and Hugh Groves, 65.

Girls Cattle Cutting: Kailyn Groves, 71; Sage Gabriel, 70; Jenna Fulton, 69; Josi Stevens, 68.

Pole Bending: Saige Schuyler, 21.349; Kelci Bends, 21.984; Mikenzy Miller, 22.103; Natalie Leisinger, 22.149.

Barebacks: Kaden Clark, 68. Steer Wrestling: Finn Hanson, 11.48; Wyatt Cahoy, 22.03; Blake Kontz, 24.94. Saddle Broncs: Tanner Williamson, 70; Logan Lemmel, 49.

Breakway Roping: Mikenzy Miller, 2.64; Natalie Leisinger, 3.12; Layna Tibbs, 3.85; Cheyenne Adams, 4.09.

Goat Tying: Natalie Leisinger, 7.35; Mikenzy Miller, 7.64; Madison Kontz, 7.76; Keisha Rayhill, 8.01

Team Roping: Madison Kontz and Blake Kontz, 10.74; Mikenzy Miller and Jamin Dougherty, 15.00; Layna Tibbs and Riley Birkeland, 15.12; Sully Paxton and Jesse Hostutler, 16.85.

Tie Down Roping: Reece Ullerich, 11.95; Blasé Steffen, 13.04; Blake Kontz, 14.03;Ty Moser, 15.03.

Barrels: Kailyn Groves, 16.894; Sydney Theobold, 16.980; Josi Stevens, 17.073; Layna Tibbs, 17.204.

Second Perfomance All Around Cowgirl was Mikenzy Miller and All Around Cowboy was Blake Kontz.

The Burke rodeo awarded prizes to the top 3 places in each event. Buckles were given for first, a leather portfolio for second, and a large bag for third. Buckles were awarded to the All Around Cowboy and Cowgirls.

Results from the Third Perfomance In Burke.

Boys Cattle Cutting: Reece Ullerich, 65; Blasé Steffen, 64; Trayer Schmidt, 63.

Girls Cattle Cutting: Jenna Fulton, 68, Allison Clemetson, 67; Josi Stevens, 67; Sage Gabriel, 66.

Reined Cow Horse: Natalie Leisinger, 145; Reece Ullerich, 136.5; Blasé Steffen, 135; Dawson Phillips, 134.

Pole Bending: Mikenzy Miller, 21.82; Saige Schuyler, 21.88; Lainee Schonebaum, 22.09; Sydney Theobold, 22.25.

Barebacks: no qualified rides. Steer Wreslting: Wyatt Cahoy, 14.01. Saddlebroncs: Tanner Williamson, 58. Bulls: no qualified rides.

Breakaway Roping: Kelci Bends, 2.30; Saydee Heath, 3.60; Jenna Fulton, 3.61, Allison Clemetson, 3.88.

Goat Tying: Keisha Rayhill, 9.39; Mikenzy Miller, 9.43; Lainee Schonebaum, 10.36; Josi Stevens, 10.82.

Team Roping: Saydee Heath and Weston VanderPol, 12.5; Jenna Fulton and Cedar Gabriel, 14.54; Madison Kontz and Blake Kontz, 21.69, Blasé Steffen and Beau Dean, 23.04.

Tie Down Roping: Hugh Groves, 11.83; Linkyn Petersek, 13.58; Reece Ullerich, 15.45; Beau Dean, 17.00.

Barrels: Kailyn Groves, 16.54; Keisha Rayhill, 17.18; Kodi Retzer, 17.19; Josi Stevens, 17.36.

Third Perfomance All Around Cowgirl was Saydee Heath and All Around Cowboy was Reece Ullerich.

Winning the Triple Crown Saddle for the girls was Josi Stevens of St. Lawrence and Blasé Steffen of Gregory. Average Winners were: Boys Cattle Cutting, Reece Ullerich and Blase Steffen; Girls Cattle Cutting was Kailyn Groves; Reined Cow Horse was Natalie Leisinger; Pole Bending was Mikenzy Miller; Barebacks was Kaden Clark; Steer Wrestling was Wyatt Cahoy; Breakaway was Josi Stevens; Goat Tying was Keisha Rayhill; Saddlebroncs was Tanner Williamson; Team Roping was Madison and Blake Kontz. Tie Down Roping was Reece Ullerich; Barrels was Josi Stevens; Bulls was Kaler Kirkie.

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