Tallan Smith, 27

Tallan Smith, from Yankton, SD, passed away on June 4, 2022 at the age of 27. Tallan was hospitalized on June 2 after being resuscitated from drowning. She spent the following days surrounded by family and friends.

Tallan has chosen to be an organ donor and was able to provide others a better quality of lift through her generosity. A celebration of life will be held at Colome City Cemetery, Colome, SD at 12:00 p.m. Saturday, August 13, 2022 followed by a luncheon at the Colome American Legion Club at 1:00 p.m.

Tallan was born in 1994 in Rapid City, SD to Roxie Harter then from Colome, SD and Brady Knight from Winner, SD. Roxie and Tallan moved to St. John, WA in 1998. In 1999, Tallan gained a beautiful additional family when Roxie and Steve Smith were married. Tallan completed grades K-12 in St. John. Tallan went to South Dakota State University the following year then lived in Washington, Colorado, and California before moving back to South Dakota. Within each community, Tallan made life-long friends because of her fun, accepting, and loving personality.

Tallan was working at Rock Bottom Grillhouse at the time of her passing, and was blessed with an amazing work family there.

Many simple pleasures in life brought joy to Tallan. She especially loved scary movies, caring for any and all animals, collecting tattoos, and spending time with her friends and family. Tallan enjoyed the art of makeup and hair; she especially loved Halloween.

As a kid, she entertained her family with the many plays she wrote and directed using her younger sister and cousins as the cast. Tallan continued to love writing into adulthood. Tallan’s beautiful smile and belly laugh were infectious and she loved to talk your ear off from the time she was a toddler.

Tallan will hold a special place in all of our hearts. We will always remember her as the kind, funny, adorable, ridiculously photogenic, big hearted, Sunny-in-Philly quoting, Buffy the Vampire watching, Harry Potter obsessed, animal lover she was. She was uniquely fearless like a lion and scared of her own shadow at the same time. Most importantly, Tallan loved big…always.

Tallan is survived by her parents, Steve and Roxie Smith and sister Maggie of St. John, WA; her father Brady Knight of Vermillion, SD; her brothers Griffin Knight of Omaha, NE and Jacob Knight of Avon, SD; her grandmothers, Lisa Knight and Willa Kindt of Avon, SD; her grandfather and grandmother, Don and LaVonne Ring of Colome, SD; her grandmother Kay Smith of St. John, WA; her grandfather and grandmother, Bud and Gina Knight of Wright, Wy; her boyfriend Steve Koster of Yankton, SD; as well as many additional loving family members and more friends than one can imagine.

We miss you so very much dear Tal. We will keep your love, your kindness, and your compassion for others alive. You left your mark on all those who knew you. We are your new legacy of love.

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