Street has a Name, but Not the New Church

current sanctuary1By Dan Merritt, Advocate Reporter

U2 band sings a song about a place  “Where the Streets Have No Name.”

Well, South County Road in Winner has a name but there’s a building along the roadway without an identifying moniker.

“It’s called the No Name Baptist Church,” laughed Pastor Bruce Miller at his office in the new structure, “We have a lot of work yet to do. We haven’t got a sign up yet.”

The AWANA children and youth program is a big part of the church’s ministry held for years at the building on Lamro Street.

But there have been some AWANA activities lately held in the new building. Which has prompted some of the youth who attend, to label it the “new AWANA church,” Miller noted.

Actually, it’s the First Baptist Church of Winner.   And beyond that, it bears the name of “miracle,” Miller continued.

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