Storm Does Damage in Winner, Surrounding Area

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Strong winds, heavy rain and lots of hail pummeled Winner and the Tripp County area Saturday afternoon.  The storm started around 4:30 p.m. with pea sized hail in Winner and as the storm continued to rage the hail got bigger. Some people in the Colome area reported golf ball sized hail.

The hail did a lot of damage as it broke windows in homes and drove holes on home decks.  Paint was peeled off of some homes.

After the hail ended, the downpour of rain lasted for several hours. Winner received 4.15 inches of rain.  Some people reported receiving greater amounts of rain.  The heavy rain caused flooding in some areas.

In Witten, Melvin and Wilma Harter reported they received 3.8 inches of rain.  A tree fell on the home of Neal and Jean Shutt in Witten and part of the tree went all the way through the home into the laundry room.

Sunday, after the storm ended people were busy cleaning up the debris and assessing damage to their property.

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