Speaker tells students the dangers of vaping

Dan Bechtold/Winner Advocate Photo
Robb Holladay, motivational speaker, left, plays a marble game with four Winner High School students. Pictured from left are James Gregg, Emily Sachtjen, Kaylee Mulkey and Joey Cole.

By Dan Bechtold


Winner High School and middle school students learned the dangers of vaping when a guest speaker came to the school on Sept. 1.

Robb Holladay has been speaking to students about vaping for four to five years. He knows first hand the damage vaping does to the lungs. He is an x-ray tech in Dallas, Texas.

He  told WHS students that he is not here to judge them but to provide information.

Vaping has become an epidemic and new studies show that vaping can contribute to a condition known as “Vape Asthma.” A combination of vaping and COVID has produced a new condition that is a huge concern to medical professionals. He said if students vape and get COVID they are sicker.

Holladay explained the message he wants to get to the public is that the companies that manufacture these vaping devices—big tobacco—are targeting these students with misinformation and telling them it is a safe alternative when it is not true.

He said one Juul pod equals a pack of cigarettes.

“Don’t play the tobacco game,” he said.

Holladay said the world has the illusion that vaping is safe.

He said teens vape because of the smell, taste and peer pressure.

However, Holladay says vaping takes a toll on the lungs.  “I know because x rays do not lie,” he said.

Holladay says he has been speaking to students for 25 years. Most of his talks have been on bullying and cyber bullying. He noted in the last four to five years he has been speaking on vaping.

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