South Dakotans are Reaping the Benefit of Strong Oil Production and Weak Gasoline Demand


At 56 percent of gas stations nationwide, consumers can find gas for less than $2.24, which is below today’s national average gasoline price of $2.29/gallon. The national average gas price has dropped for 17 consecutive days making today’s price five cents cheaper than both one week and one year ago, and six cents less than one month ago.

“Today’s price average in South Dakota for regular gasoline is $2.32 according to ,” said Marilyn Buskohl, spokeswoman for AAA South Dakota. “This is three cents lower than last week and four cents lower month over month and one cent lower year over year. This is certainly a win for families planning a summer driving vacation.”

Current Price Averages per Gallon of Regular Gasoline

Sioux Falls – $2.18, down 4 cents from one month ago … up 2 cents from 6/19/16
Rapid City – $2.41, down 1 cent from one month ago … up 8 cents from 6/19/16
South Dakota – $2.32, down 4 cents from one month ago … down 1 cent from 6/19/16
U.S. – $2.29, down 5 cents from one month ago … down 4 cents from 6/19/16

While gasoline demand saw new heights for Memorial Day, it has dropped for the first half of June. Meanwhile, high oil production rates in the U.S., coupled with news from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) that Libya and Nigeria increased output last month, could lead to gas prices across the nation continuing to fall through the end of June.

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