Shooting Sports Members Compete at National

george clark

Tripp County 4-H shooting sports members took part in the national shooting sports championships June 26-30 in Grand Island, Neb.

There were 117 kids in shotgun, 46 in air pistol, 90 in .22 rifle, 63 in .22 pistol. There were 715 kids from 36 states competing.

South Dakota placed fourth as a team in rapid fire air pistol.  Wade McClanahan placed 13th in rapid fire air pistol.
Cody Amidon placed 45th in .22 rifle.
South Dakota placed 24th as a team in sporting clays with Luke Hennebold placing 92nd.
South Dakota placed seventh as a team in slow fire.22 pistol and Tane Pravecek placed 31st in slow fire .22 pistol.
South Dakota placed third as a team in air pistol silhouette and Wade McClanahan placed 16th in air pistol silhouette.
South Dakota placed 10th in CMP (.22 rifle) as a team.
Cody Amison placed 87th in CMP.
South Dakota placed 13th in .22 silhouette as a tam and Tane Pravecek placed 44th in .22 pistol silhouette.
South Dakota placed 26th in skeet as a team and Luke Hennebold placed 82nd in skeet.
South Dakota placed 3rd in air pistol slow fire as a team and Wade McClanahan placed 11th in slow fire air pistol.
South Dakota placed 9th as a team in 3P rifle and Cody Amidon placed 49th in 3P rifle.
South Dakota placed 5th in Camp Perry in .22 rifle as a team and Tane Pravecek placed 61st in Camp Perry .22 pistol.
South Dakota placed 7th in trap as a team.
Luke Hennebold placed 11th in trap.

In the overall awards, McClanahan placed 11th in air pistol, Amidon placed 61st in .22 rifle, Hennebold placed 70th in shotgun, Pravecek placed 51st in .22 pistol.

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