Roger Robert Milk, 86

Roger Robert Milk was born on Dec. 24, 1933 in Milks Camp to Jesse Milk Sr. and  Salina High Rock, his siblings were Victor, Alfred, Ruth, and Jesse. Jr. who were descendants of Chief Red Cloud. Their great grandfather is Chief Good Cane Milk, Sagye Waste Asunpi. He was at the Fort Laramie Treaty talks in 1868. And their paternal grandfather is Daniel Milk son of Chief Good Cane Milk.

He was raised in Milk’s Camp community surviving through the Great Depression and World War II with his family. He attended Rosebud Boarding School in Mission, SD. He often shared the stories of those times and of the community. As a young man he would travel around South Dakota for work on farms.

Roger remained in the area until he moved to Chicago in the relocation program. While in Chicago he worked as a Journeyman and electrician. He also served as the president at the Chicago Indian Center.

He returned to the Winner area in the early 70’s. Upon his return he and Lavina King began their life together and were married Jan. 31, 1979. He cared for his family and was loved very much by his grandchildren and many young relatives. He spent many days advising them and writing letters to them. He enjoyed bowling in his younger years, in Chicago his team was the Southside Bombers.

In August of 2017, he received an honorary Doctorate Degree from Sinte Gleska for his lifelong work for the people and with our treaty. Roger served the people in many capacities. He was a life long member of Episcopal Church and a Lay reader; Roger was also a member of Brotherhood of  Christian Unity. His faith extended to our traditional ways, as he experienced the power of healing and prayers attending our ceremonies.

At the Sicangu Wicoti Awayankapi Corporation he was on the board of director and an employee for over 30 years; Roger served as advocate for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at the Winner Community Connections; He was a member of the Sicangu Treaty Council serving for a time as their chairperson. Roger was on the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council from 1979 through 1981; He was also an employee of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

Roger supported local Native students in the Winner school district and their rights as Natives and human beings. He was an active part in efforts to protector the land, water and people against environmental issues. Roger said “this is not just an Indian thing we all drink the same water”, attending meetings, events and hearings to do so.

Roger leaves behind his wife Lavina of over 40 years, children: Eric & Melissa Antoine, Gary & Jurgita Antoine, Paula Antoine, Jay and Nannette Antoine, Dennis and Nancy Mahto, grandchildren and great grandchildren. His sister Ruth Mason, Melda Rose and Ralph Wendell and Marisa, special great grandson Jacob Turney,  Grandchildren and great grandkids: Kaitlyn and Eric Antoine Jr., Louis and Leona Antoine,Lucas Crow Eagle, Louis “Misun” Antoine, Dustin Antoine, Steve Antoine and Isaac Antoine, Lisa Antoine and Jaliyah Kills In Water, Skylin Thin Elk, Medeina and Algirdas Antoine

Kelly Turney, Tracy Turney, Jacob, Julie and Jorden Turney, Sean and Rexton Kilborn, and Racheal Iron Heart, Richard Swan, Kayden, Kaylie and Leonidas, Carl John Healy Jr. and Anakin, Solomon Healy, Raylene Looking Horse, Chanteal Looking Horse, Samuel Antoine, Brennan and Gabrial, Jay Antoine Jr., Alyissa Reifel, Alysson Lucia “Sunny” and Douglas Jennings, Lucy Riefal, Kyan James and Nyjah Emili, Noland Mahto & Samantha Black Bull, Kaycen and Natalia, Jaz and Dayle Sanabria, and son Wyatt, Aaron Mahto, Joy Janis, and numerous nieces, nephews and grandchildren from the Milk Tiospaye.    At the time of his passing Wanbli Naji, Standing Eagle, Grandpa Bob was 86 years 10 months 30 days, his life touched so many and he will be missed and remembered for generations.

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