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The cast and crew of the Winner Community Playhouse fall production include in front from left Sandra York, director; Brandy Biggins, Vickie Barfuss, Rhonda Stoecklin, Emily Moser and Susi Brown-Riedl. In back from left are Linda Nelson, Doug Nelson, Ron High Rock, Tim Novotny, Tami Comp, Arianne Boerner, Barb DeSersa and Dan Patmore, technical director.

By Dan Bechtold


The Winner Community Playhouse latest production is filled with hilarious sight gags and dialogue.

“Where There’s A Will There’s A Murder” opened this weekend.

It will also be presented Sept. 16, 17 and 18 at 8 p.m. each evening at the playhouse. Door open at 7:30 p.m. For reservations call 842-1958 or e mail

It is a  play that will keep you laughing and keep you on your toes to count all the dead bodies. Why are there so many dead bodies?   Well this is why.

Ten distant relatives learn that each of them is about to inherit a million dollars. Wheels begin turn and the plot thickens. If some were dead more money for the others. Who would create such a diabolical motive to kill off cast.

Who did it?  Well, you are not getting that out of me. You will have to go to the play to find out.

As the bodies pile up, the laughs come fast and furiously in this “whodunit.”

The action in the play takes place on an island in the middle of a terrible storm.

The cast of 11 does a great job.

Tami Comp and Tim Novotny play the maid and butler.

Vickie Barfus plays a doctor and Emily Moser plays Agatha Crispie, a spoof on the famous mystery writer Agatha Christie.

Ron High Rock and Barb DeSersa play a couple who are guest at the reading of the will.

Brandy Biggins is a wealthy socialite and Rhonda Stoecklin is a proper lady. Rhonda is new to the Winner stage. She is director of drama activities in the Todd County School District.

Linda Nelson plays one of the guests who is concerned as people start dying.

Now the price of admission along is worth it to see Doug Nelson as a punk rocker called Stark. You know like one one rock stars Sting and Madonna.

Doug with red and blue hair is a treat to see.

Randy Farley is the voice on the radio.

The cast is to be complimented on the work they put in on this play. They all did a great job.

The play is directed by Sandra York with Dan Patmore as the technical director. Both have done a great job.

If you want a fun evening, go see this play.

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