Petersek Named Jr. Boys All-Around at 4-H Rodeo


saige schuyler

Linkyn Petersek was the junior boys all-around at the 49th annual Tripp County 4-H Rodeo on Friday.  Riley Shippy was the junior boys runner-up all around.

Saige Schuyler was the senior girls runner-up all around.

The senior girls all around was Jenna Fulton and the senior boys all around was Dylan Suhr and the runner up was Blasé Steffen.

The junior girls all around was Jessica Woodward and the runner-up was a tie between Layni Stevens and Shada Beeson.

The senior ambassador was Jami Bergeson. There was a tie for first and second runner up between Arista Kaiser and Ashley Hohn.
The congeniality award went to Bergeson and she also won the horsemanship.

The junior ambassador was Avery Schacht and first runner up was Kayla Mammen. The congeniality award went to Schacht and Mammen and the horsemanship went to Mammen.

The rodeo results include:

Junior Girls
Goat tying—Layni Stevens, 9.350; tie Jessica Woodward and Saydee Heath, 9.530 and Trica Lammers, 10.520
Pole bending—Shada Beenson, 22.016, Tricia Lammers, 22.875; Josie Anthony, 23.030, Ramee Jo Hanson, 23.27
Breakaway roping—Saydee Heath, 3.50; Layni Stevens, 3.78; Jessica Woodward, 5.78 and Kate Weborg, 6.49
Barrel racing—Sidney McCord, 17.947; Shada Beeson, 10.030; Taryn Starr, 18.346 and Tatum Carey, 18.472

Junior boys
Flag race—Swade Reis, 8.337; Matthew Heathershaw, 8.476; Seth Heath, 8.589; Linkyn Petersek, 8.743
Goat tying—Riley Shippy, 9.16; Petersek, 10.38; Wyatt Olson, 11.87; Josh Heckenlaible, 12.52
Break away roping—Petersek, 3.18; Heathershaw, 3.39; Heath, 4.33 and Wyatt Olson 4.54
Cattle riding—Shippy, 48; Steve Garrigan, 43

Senior girls
Ribbon roping—Josi Stevens, 8.16; Savannah Krogman, 8.79; Jenna Fulton, 9.56; Shelby Hiller, 19.69
Breakaway roping—Schuyler, 3.15; Fulton, 3.70; Josi Stevens, 4.04; Payton Eagle, 11.90
Goat tying—Schuyler, 9.85; Fulton, 9.88; Lainee Schonebaum, 10.71; Shelby Hiller, 11.25
Barrel racing—Fulton, 18.284; Bailey Bosworth, 18.292; Payton Eagle, 18.626 Karsyn Krause, 18.645
Pole bending—Fulton, 21.853; Brooke Iott, 22.941; Krogman, 23.058; Schuyler 23.157

Senior boys
Saddle bronc riding—Kolton Salonen, 50; Dylan Suhr, 44
Bull riding—Riggin Shippy, 50; J. W. Frederick, 47
Tie down calf roping—Austin Olson, 11.98; Blasé Steffen, 12.94; Taygen Knippling, 13.89; Suhr, 19.55
Steer wrestling—Beau Dean, 8.23; Suhr, 10.25
Dally team roping—Kade Starr and Dawson Phillips, 18.18 and Blasé Steffen and Jamin Dougherty, 21.68

The stock was provided by Hollenbeck Rodeo Co of Winner.

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