Outhouse Museum Moved

outhouse museum

The outhouse museum has moved. Just like Dallas and Winner and many of the early towns that were picked up and moved when the railroad missed them.  The South Dakota Outhouse Museum has moved 10 miles west this past summer to Colome. Owner Richard Papousek has reset and added several new, old outhouses plucked from the surrounding countryside.

The museum now features some of the more colorful characters of Colome’s past outhouses. There is seven outhouses in the new old collection including king of the dogs outhouse from Burke.

One celebrates Chris Colombe and his antics to get the town of Colome started. And another is from the small inland town of Dixon where Rattlesnake Pete ran the local barber, bath, outhouse, Emporium. Pete was famous for personally knowing Calamity Jane and after his death they discovered he was actually a woman.

Another is Frank Zimmerman’s outhouse as he was the early day hardware king of Colome. His outhouse has wheels on the back for easy moving to the new location.  It is said this outhouse could be found in the middle of Colome Main Street after many a Halloween night.

Papousek said he decided to reassemble the collection after many requests for tours and the humor it provided.  Besides, he says Colome has welcomed its potty humor with open arms.

The museum is located behind the Sign Inn located on Colome’s Main Street. Just ask any friendly local and they will guide you to its location.

Persons can check out Facebook at Colome SD Outhouse Museum.

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