New Concrete Section Open on Highway

By Dan Bechtold


The new concrete on the north side of 7th St to Van Buren St. is now open was the report at the Aug. 31 highway construction meeting.

Connor Christensen of T& R Contracting, Sioux Falls, reported that as of the afternoon of Aug. 31 the entire length of  concrete on the north side  will be open.

This does mean  there will still be head to head traffic on the new concrete and motorists are asked to drive slow. There is still a width restriction on the highway.

Christensen added that milling of the old asphalt will start from McDonalds to Monroe street on the south side of the street.

Where there was a detour on North County Road that is now open as is the entrance to McDonald’s from the highway.

Christensen added that H & W  Contracting, Sioux Falls, will be working on placing underground utilities.

Big O Concrete will be working on installing sidewalks.

Starting Saturday, Sept. 11, T&R Contracting will start working every Saturday till the end of Phase I in November.

Traffic Solutions has switched the traffic control barricades. Since the sidewalk has not been put in there will be a space allowed for pedestrians to walk.  

As always, persons can follow the highway construction Facebook page for the latest information.

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