National Guard Unit Receives Award

On May 5, Representative Lee Qualm, House Majority Leader presented a Legislative Commemoration to the 155th Engineer Company of the SD Army National Guard in Wagner, SD on being awarded the Itschner Award and the Reserve Family Readiness Award in 2017.

The selection for the Itschner Award recognizes the best engineer company in three categories: United States Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard; and the Reserve Family Readiness Award is presented to one unit from each of the seven reserve components that demonstrate excellence in engaging with and supporting members’ families.

The 155th Engineer Company continues to demonstrate continued support to its community and the state of South Dakota. The Ninety-Third Legislature of the State of South Dakota expresses its respect, commendation, and congratulations to the South Dakota Army National Guard’s 155th Engineer Company on receiving the Itschner Award and the Reserve Family Readiness Award and for its outstanding service to the great state of South Dakota and the United States of America.

These two awards are a great honor and the 155th Engineer Company, based in Wagner and Rapid City, South Dakota, deserve this outstanding honor for their hard work and high standards of excellence

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