Hospital Project Takes Next Step


Administration and the Board of Directors of Winner Regional Healthcare Center received positive news this week regarding the progress of their $23M expansion and building project. The USDA notified Winner Regional they have scheduled a required pre-construction conference meeting the first week of September, which is one of the final steps before construction can begin.

“This is great news!” stated Board President Brian Schaeffer. “It’s been a longer path to get to this point than we expected, but it’s wonderful to take another step forward with this exciting project.”

An exact groundbreaking date has not yet been determined. “Watch for news regarding that milestone as we work through the final details with the USDA over the next couple of weeks,” said Winner Regional CEO Kevin Coffey.

Along with a low interest Community Facilities loan from the USDA, the project is being funded with the previous gift of $3 million from the late John and Raymond Erickson brothers, a 10 year $1 million donation from Sanford Health, as well as $3 million in local philanthropic donations. Dr. Tony Berg is serving as Chair of the fundraising campaign and initial efforts have brought in over $1.3 million in donations and pledges. ““We are very appreciative of the support the community has shown this critical project so far,” said Berg. “As construction gets underway, it’s the perfect time for others to step forward and partner with us to ensure the wellbeing of our community for generations to come.”

Plans include 28,000 square feet of new construction, along with 16,000 square feet of major renovation work. All hospital services will continue to be operational throughout the course of construction. To support the primary goal of improving the patient experience, the main focus of the project will be the construction of a new clinic, ER and OR, along with a streamlined registration area for the entire facility.

If you would like to make a donation or have questions on the building project, please contact Foundation Director Jody Engel at (605) 842-7231.

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