Front End of School Year Brings Discussion of Start Time in Fall

By Dan Merritt, Advocate reporter

The end of the school year doesn’t necessarily bring about thoughts of the beginning of the next. In fact, kids would shun that topic.

But adults in Sioux Falls this spring were certainly considering the start of school next fall. They voted to push it back after Labor Day.

The tourism industry in South Dakota generally applauded this step by the biggest school district in the state.

Perhaps other districts would follow suit, it was thought. Assuring the availability of young adults of high school age, at least, as workers on the job through the traditional end of tourism season.

But support for tourism, or the appearance of it, won’t last for long, predicts Alan Armstrong, superintendent of the Colome Consolidated  School District.

“I’ll bet you in two years they’re going to be changing it (in Sioux Falls).” he says, “Because it just doesn’t work in South Dakota to try to start school after Labor Day.”

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