Ethan Allen,74

Ethan Allen was born in Winner on March 7, 1945 and died June 1 with his wife of 50 years, Linda, by his side.

He graduated from Winner High School and decided farming and gas station work were not getting him where he wanted to be. So, he joined the National Guard in Winner. He liked it and stayed for awhile and realized his life was really not going anywhere or getting him where he wanted to be.

So, he decided to join the Navy. He did his basic training at Great Lakes Navy Training Center in Illinois. While he was training here he met his wife, Linda. Together they had three sons, Jody Charles, James Ethan and Jeremiah Earl. He was a great father to his sons and taught them many things to help them become great men.

Ethan was in the service for more than 25 years and traveled to many countries and spent two tours of duty off the coast of Vietnam.

He also traveled to many other ports of call and enjoyed most of it.
After all the years of service, he became tired of all the traveling. He retired an settled down in Lincoln City, Ore.

He had a religious book store for about 24 years and retired from the store.
He spent a happy, restful retirement with his wife, sons and friends. He was loved greatly by all who knew him.

He was preceded in death by his mother, Pearl; his father, James; brother, Donald; sister, Barbara and his oldest son, Jody.

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