Creative Minds Build Imaginary Farm

schroeder boys and signBy Dan Bechtold, Editor

The imagination of two boys has turned a front and side yard of a Winner home into a make believe farm.

Rylee Schroeder, age 9 and his brother Rustin,  are busy every day after school  building fences and working the cattle in the farm they have created at the home of their grandmother, Joyce Heath of Winner.

The boys are the sons of Rhonda and Jeremy Schroeder who farm 32 miles from Winner near the White River. The boys have grown up around cattle and ranch life so each day for two hours after school they use their creative minds to work on their “farm.”

Rylee is in the third grade and Rustin is in kindergarten. Joyce picks up her grandsons every day from school and from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. they “farm” in Joyce’s yard.


schroeder boys and more fences

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