COVID numbers increase

C OVID numbers increase

The COVID-19 cases in Tripp County are showing no sign of decreasing. In fact, they are climbing each day.

The following is figures from the South Dakota Department of Health for Tripp County from Jan. 11 to Jan. 14.

As the newspaper’s deadline on Monday, there were no figures for the weekend. You must also take into account there as a Monday holiday.

 On Jan. 11, Tripp County reported 27 new cases.

On Jan. 12 , there were 12 new cases and 7 probable with 160 actives cases.

On Jan. 13. There were 18 new cases with 2 probable. The active cases climbed to 179.

Tripp County had 18 new cases on Jan. 14. There were 191 active cases.

The test positivity rate for the past seven days was 45.7 percent.

On Jan. 14, South Dakota reported 1,9990 new cases with 26,835 active.

As the Omicron variant gets its grip on South Dakota, persons are reminded to take precautions to remain healthy. That means wearing a mask in public places, washing your hands, STAYING HOME when you are sick  and social distancing.

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