Covid-19 Cases

There were no new cases of COVID-19 reported in Tripp County on Monday. There were also no probable cases. The number of active cases is 10. Since COVID started the total confirmed cases in Tripp County has been 546 with 99 probable.

A total of 621 persons have recovered from the virus. The total number of persons tested is 2,020. In Tripp County, there have been 14 deaths related to COVID-19.

Statewide, as of Jan. 18 there were 92 new cases reported with 24 probable cases. The number of active cases in the state is 4,613. There are 203 persons hospitalized.

Statewide deaths are at 1,667.On Monday the state started vaccinating persons in D1 group. This is for persons over 65 and older. Vaccinations started with those 80 and older.

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