County Purchases PPE Equipment

By Dan Bechtold


Tripp County Commissioners approved the purchase of PPE equipment for the ambulance service at the Nov. 24 meeting.

Co-ambulance directors Kathy Cole and Sissy Orel  explained this would help when transporting patients who have tested positive for COVOD-19.

The equipment would include head gear and the air filtration system.

The commissioners approved renewing the contract for the law library. Via conference call, the  commissioners heard from lawyer Sandy Steffen on the need for the library.

Director of equalization Janiece Weber and three residents who live along Parvin Road attended the meeting to discuss an address change.

Weber explained she received a call from the post office about the addresses in that area. To provide for a correct 911 mapping  two of the homes had their addresses reversed.

Laura Kahler, 4-H youth advisor, updated the commissioners on activities in her office. She explained the Mid Dakota Fair was held with some modifications along with holding a 4-H recognition night with everyone wearing masks and spacing themselves to provide for social distancing.

Kahler felt fortunate Tripp County was able to have a fair amidst a pandemic while some counties in the state were unable to have a fair.

The local federal bridge program agreement was signed by the commissioners.

Melanie Levi, IT specialist for the county, recommended the county purchase a Zoom system.  Levi explained she had visited with District 3 and they recommended this would be the best system for the county.

A motion was approved to purchase the system for $2,500.

Custodian Marty Zeigler presented the maintenance agreement from Kone for  work on the courthouse elevator.

The liquor license for Smokin’ Barrels was renewed.

A discussion was held on raises for highway maintenance workers. The commissioners approve setting the salary at $21 per hour effective Nov. 29.

An excessive session was held for personnel.

The next meeting will be Dec. 8  at 1 p.m. The commissioners are meeting in the afternoon due to a training session for all county employees later that day.

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