Council Rejects Petitions on Sale of Legion

The Winner City Council Monday night rejected petitions presented calling for a public vote on the sale of the Winner American Legion building to the city for $250,000.

The petitions were rejected due to a technical error in the working of the petition.

The council voted unanimously to reject the petitions. Councilmember Val Sherman was not at the meeting as she is out of town.

State law says that a petition for a referendum must contain the title of the ordinance or the subject of the resolution and it must contain the date the passage of the resolution by the city council.

City attorney Paul Jensen explained the petitions did not contain the April 2, 2018 date which was the date the council voted to approve the sale of the Legion building.

A total of 102 signatures were turned into the city office to refer the council’s decision to public vote. A total of 100 signatures were need for the referral.

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