Colome Girls Track Team Second at the Winner Quarterback Club Meet

track week 800 relay


Results of the Colome girls include:

100—Mariah Kinzer, 5th :14.6; Maggie McCarty, 6th :14.7

200—Kaydee Heath, 4th, :31.2; Kinzer, 6th, :31.6
400—Callie Heath, 2nd, 1:07.1

800—Taylor Hrabanek, 4th, 2:45.60

1600—Jaclyn Laprath, 5th, 6:12.7

3200—Laprath, 3rd, 13:14.8

100 hurdles—Kaydee Heath, 1st, :18.4

300 hurdles—Heath, 1st, :55.1; Morgan Hofeldt, 2nd, :58.1

4×200 relay—3rd, 2:06.8, Lauren Week, Mariah Kinzer, Morgan Hofeldt and Callie Heath

4×800 relay—4th, 12:05.2, Lauren Week, Jaclyn Laprath, Callie Heath and Taylor Hrabanek

Long jump—Haylie Krumpus, 1st, 14.7.75; Taylor Hrabanek, 2nd, 13-11.75; Maggie McCarty, 5th, 12-6

Triple Jump—Krumpus, 1st, 29-11; Week, 3rd, 28-2

Shot put—Colby Taggart, 3rd, 33-9

Discus—Taggart, 6th, 69-2

Results of the Colome boys track team include:

100—Cole McCarty, 3rd, :11.5

200—Chase Hrabanek, 2nd, :24.2

400—Cody Heath 4th, 1:02.2

800—Andrew Laprath, 4th, 2:29.8; Cody Heath, 5th 2:33.6

300 hurdles—Laprath, 4th :55.4

4×100 relay—2nd, :47.7, Chase Hrabanek, Jackson Kinzer, Reed Harter and Cole McCarty

Medley relay—1st, 4:01.9, Reed Harter, Cole McCarty, Chase Hrabanek and Jackson Kinzer

track colome medley relay

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