Colome CTE classes

The Family and Consumer Science department at the Colome Consolidated School offers the following CTE courses: JH FACS, FACS I, sewing, parenting, personal finances, and career exploration.

Most of these classes are taught using project based learning. In the sewing class, the students each completed a full sized block quilt as their main project. The students select appropriate fabric that coincides with their budget.

Many topics are covered in the career exploration class. The highlight of the semester was for each student to research careers of interest and then find relevant details such as: responsibilities, South Dakota schools they could attend to get a degree in their career, what degree they could earn, years to attend the school, cost of the school including room and board, possible salaries in South Dakota, risks of the job, and other interesting facts that are unique to that career. They also needed to find the outlook for that career as to whether it was a growing profession or not. Along with that, they also research careers related to their field. They brainstormed what classes they should take in high school to help them in college. They also presented a career of their choice to the class as a PowerPoint. Students then find a person to job shadow from the surrounding area to job shadow for the day. During the job shadow day, they interview the person about their career. The students picked various careers including a welder, veterinarians, an agronomist, mechanics, a carpenter, an accountant, a physical therapist, a truck driver, cosmetologists, teachers, a screen printer, a farrier, and a counselor. Following the job shadow day, the students completed both oral and written reports to the rest of the class to share their experience and knowledge gained.

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