Chillies celebrates one year anniversary

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Chillies Liquor of Winner recently celebrated its one year anniversary. The business is owned by Clint and Amanda Willuweit.

By Dan Bechtold

Chillies Liquor in Winner recently celebrated its one year anniversary.
Clint and Amanda Willuweit purchased the business from Rick and Deb Godel on Nov. 30, 2020.

Conveniently located on Highway18 at 346 W. 2nd St. it is easy for customers to use the drive through window or stop in the store.
The business is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.

Amanda explained she was driving on the highway last year and saw the for sale sign. She mentioned something to her husband about buying the business and he felt it was a good opportunity. The rest is history.

The couple’s second son, Achillies, a senior at Winner High School, felt it would be cool to named the new business Chillies. All of his buddies call Achillies Chillie. Amanda and Clint liked the idea and went with the name.

Amanda explained in organizing the store she wanted to put things together in certain sections. So all the wine is together and all the beer is readily available.

A center island features products that the business does not get very often but people can come in and see the merchandise.

The store has a little bit of everything from hard liquor to wine, beer, pop, chips and tobacco products.

Amanda noted they brought in the higher end scotches, whiskies and burbons. They also brought in higher end wines. With revamping the wine selection they are finding they are selling more wine.

In December Amanda plans to have wine tasting party. She says some customers are excited to be able to sample a varsity of wine.

The business has a rewards system for its customers. For every 250 points they get 20 percent off their purchase.

“The business has exceeded our expectations,” said Clint.
Amanda added: “The community, hunters and lodges have been good to us.”

She enjoys seeing the people and having time to visit with them.
Clint said when people come to the liquor store they are in a good mood or they are going to be in a good mood very soon.

Clint says the business has added 50 to 60 more products. If people request a certain item they will try and get it in the store.

Amanda says the liquor store is busy. “People like to come in and look at what we have to offer. They do not always know what they want so having a chance to look over the large selection helps people make a choice.”
Thirty percent of the business sales is beer and the couple says it is seasonal with more beer sold in the summer.

There are seven employees at the liquor store.

Clint and Amanda also own Atlas Chiropractic in Winner. Clint is a chiropractor and opened his business in Winner in 2013 and the family moved to Winner from Gregory in 2016. “We love Winner,” said Amanda.

Clint and Amanda have four children.

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