Champion Named in Dakota Cup Auctioneer Contest at Huron Continental Marketing

dan clark dakoa cup champion

The First Annual Dakota Cup Auctioneer contest was held Sept 8 at Huron Continental Marketing in Huron, South Dakota.

The Grand Champion was Dan Clark of Winner, South Dakota and the Reserve Champion was Bill Jensen of Langford, South Dakota. The first time auction contest had four prequalified auctioneers: Brett Heath of Colome and Curt Littau of Carter, along with Clark and Jensen.

The event was held on the First Anniversary of Huron Continental Marketing. Kim and Jackie Ulmer, Eric and Tara Ulmer, Scheifelbein Angus and Mark and Kathy Preston, owners of Huron Continental Marketing, held their first anniversary sale where 2,978 cattle were sold to 45 registered buyers and the auction chores were divided equally between the 4 auctioneers.

Jim Anderson, Alan Bales, and Kent Bales are the weekly auctioneers and managers at Huron Continental Marketing and were master of ceremonies and judges along with 14 other livestock related judges.

Huron Continental Marketing plans to host the Dakota Cup every year on the first Tuesday after Labor Day. The contests were scored similar to the World Livestock Auction contest and scored on a scale of 1 to 10 based on Voice quality and clarity, bid catching ability, conduction of the sale and would you hire this auctioneer.

Huron Continental is located in Huron, S.D., that was formerly Bales Continental Commission. Huron Continental Marketing is now broadcasting live on Cattle USA and has sales every Tuesday and special female sales as advertised.

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