Baseball Team Improved to 9-2

Winner/Colome club baseball team improved its record to 9-2 with a 12-2 victory over Todd County on May 18.

Reed Harter had a triple, single, 3 RBIs, 3 runs scored and 3 steals. Kelly O’Bryan had 2 singles, 2 runs scored and 2 RBIs. Ty Bolton added 2 singles and Riley Calhoon had a single, 2 runs scored and 4 steals.

Holden Thieman was the winning pitcher as he gave up no runs on no hits, 4 walks and 4 strikeouts. Riley Calhoon came on in relief and pitched 2 innings, giving up no runs, no hits, 2 walks and one strikeout. Ty Bolton pitched the final two innings  giving up 2 runs on two hits, no walks and 4 strikeouts.

“We had 15 days off due to the weather so it was nice to get back out and play,” said coach Drew Weber. “I thought we played pretty well but you could tell the lay off between games affected our hitting early on. Once we got comfortable again at the plate we had some success. I thought our pitchers threw really well and our defense was fairly solid behind them like they have been all year,” said Weber.

The playoffs started on May 26.

Track Team First at QB Club Meet

track winner girls mile relay


Winner High School boys and girls track teams both captured first place at the Winner Quarterback Club track meet on Friday.

The Winner girls scored 169 points for first and Colome took second with 123 points.

The WHS boys scored 193 points for first and with Burke/South Central taking second and Colome, third.

Results of the Winner girls team include:

100—Rachel Sherman 1st, :13.7

400—Alexis Richey, 1st, 1:05.9; Saige Schuyler, 4th, 1:12.; Morgan Hammerbeck, 5th, 1:12.5

800—Chloe Bartels, 2nd, 2:29.5; Saige Schuyelr, 5th, 2:51.6; Sierra Hansen, 6th , 2:52.4

100 hurdles—Gabby Kocer, 2nd, :19.7; Tedra Vrbka, 3rd, :19.9 and Kyran Meek, 4th, :21.7

300 hurdles—Vrbka, 3rd, :58.7

4×100 relay—1st, :58, Rachel Sherman, Kelsey Bertram, Tedra Vrbka and Hayley Halverson; Winner team No. 2  took second place in 1:04.2, Calah Covey, Lauren Norrid, Gabby Kocer and Kyran Meek

4×200 relay—1st, 1:59.5; Rachel Sherman, Kelsy Bertram, Alexis Richey and Hayley Halveson

4×400 relay—Winner, 1st

4x800relay—2nd, 10:40.6, Chloe Bartels,Alexis Richey, Sydney Schuyler and Hayley Halverson

High jump—Abby Marts, 2nd, 3-10

Long jump—Sierra Hansen 34d, 13-5.75; Morgn Hammerbeck, 4th, 13-5.50; Gracie Littau, 6th, 12-5

Triple jump—Vrbka, 29-1

Shot put—Deloris Herman, 1st, 34-10.75; Kyran Meek, 2nd, 31-3.75; Casey Norrid, 4th, 30-6

Discus—Meek, 2nd, 91-6; Herman, 3rd, 86-11;Norrid, 4th, 85-0

Results of the Winner boys include:

100—Nathan Galbraith, 1st, :10.9; Nick Hossle, 2nd, :11.3; Drew DeMers, 4th, :12.0; Michael Massa, 5th, :12.5

200—Galbraith, 1st, :23; Isaac Naasz, 5th , :25.3; Levi McClanahan, 6th, :26.5

400—Massa, 2nd, :57.5

800—Coleton Schuyler, 1st, 2:05.8

1600—Izak Moleterno, 6th 5:32.9

3200 run—Moleterno, 6th, 11:52.3

110 hurdles—Tyrel Haley, 1st, :16.3

300 hurdles—Haley, 2nd, :42.2

4×100 relay—1st, :46.2, Nick Hossle, Tyrel  Haley, Riley Calhoon and Nathan Galbraith

4×200 relay—2nd, 1:40.9, Riley Calhoon, Trevor Bertram, Isaac Naasz and Drew DeMers

4×400 relay—2nd, 3:40.9

4×800 relay—1st, 8:45.7, Luke Engel, Kayleb Brozik, Nolan Sachtjen and Coleton Schuyler

Medley relay—2nd, 4:08.8, Riley Calhoon, Isaac Naasz, Drew DeMers and Luke Engel

High jump—Brozik, 1st, 5-4; Nick Hossle, 2nd, 5-4; Nolan Sachtjen, 3rd, 5-0

Long jump—Nick Hossle, 2nd, 18-3; Riley Calhoon, 4th 17-3.75

Triple jump—Isaac Naasz, 5th, 33.8.5

Shot put—Kelly Kidwilier, 1st, 43-3.50; Jayden Schroeder, 2nd, 39-2.50; Trevor Sachtjen, 4th, 38-2; John Kludt, 5th, 38-1.50; Levi McClanahan, 6th, 38-0

Discus—John Kludt, 1st, 112-6; Levi McClanahan, 2nd, 96-9; Ryan Sherman, 4th, 91-07

track sachtjen and brozik

Colome Girls Track Team Second at the Winner Quarterback Club Meet

track week 800 relay


Results of the Colome girls include:

100—Mariah Kinzer, 5th :14.6; Maggie McCarty, 6th :14.7

200—Kaydee Heath, 4th, :31.2; Kinzer, 6th, :31.6
400—Callie Heath, 2nd, 1:07.1

800—Taylor Hrabanek, 4th, 2:45.60

1600—Jaclyn Laprath, 5th, 6:12.7

3200—Laprath, 3rd, 13:14.8

100 hurdles—Kaydee Heath, 1st, :18.4

300 hurdles—Heath, 1st, :55.1; Morgan Hofeldt, 2nd, :58.1

4×200 relay—3rd, 2:06.8, Lauren Week, Mariah Kinzer, Morgan Hofeldt and Callie Heath

4×800 relay—4th, 12:05.2, Lauren Week, Jaclyn Laprath, Callie Heath and Taylor Hrabanek

Long jump—Haylie Krumpus, 1st, 14.7.75; Taylor Hrabanek, 2nd, 13-11.75; Maggie McCarty, 5th, 12-6

Triple Jump—Krumpus, 1st, 29-11; Week, 3rd, 28-2

Shot put—Colby Taggart, 3rd, 33-9

Discus—Taggart, 6th, 69-2

Results of the Colome boys track team include:

100—Cole McCarty, 3rd, :11.5

200—Chase Hrabanek, 2nd, :24.2

400—Cody Heath 4th, 1:02.2

800—Andrew Laprath, 4th, 2:29.8; Cody Heath, 5th 2:33.6

300 hurdles—Laprath, 4th :55.4

4×100 relay—2nd, :47.7, Chase Hrabanek, Jackson Kinzer, Reed Harter and Cole McCarty

Medley relay—1st, 4:01.9, Reed Harter, Cole McCarty, Chase Hrabanek and Jackson Kinzer

track colome medley relay

Golf Team Qualifies for State

golf liz jankauskas


Winner High School girls golf team qualified for the state tournament at the Region 3A tournament in Pierre on May 12.

As a team, the Lady Warriors placed third with 435 points. Parkston took first place and Mobridge was second in the eight team field.

Winner was led by Liz Jankauskas who took 8th with a 94. Ronae Klein was 11th with a score of 100; Addy Root took 16th with a 116; Sam Marts finished 20th with a 125.

The state Class A meet started on Monday, May 18 and continued on May 19 in Madison.

WHS Boys Second on Conference Meet

track izak 2 mile run


Winner High School boys track team took second place at the SESD meet May 12 in Platte.

Nathan Galbraith won the 400 and Coleton Schuyler won the 800.

Results of the WHS boys include:

Shot put—Kelly Kidwilier, 3rd, 42-5

Discus—John Kludt, 5th, 112-5

Long jump—Nick Hossle, 5th, 19-1

Long jump—Windsor Barry, 6th 18-11.5

110 hurdles—Sam Naasz, 3rd, :17.59

100—Hossle, 3rd, :11.31; Tyrel Haley, 5th, :11.56

1600—Schuyler, 2nd, 4:54

400—Galbraith, 1st, :51.28

300 hurdles—Haley, 2nd, :43.09; Naasz, 5th, :44.57

800—Schuyler, 1st, 2:04.50

200—Galbraith, 2nd, :23.99

3200 relay—2nd, 8:52.86, Kayleb Brozik, Luke Engel, Nolan Sachtjen and Coleton Schuyler

800 relay—2nd, 1:36.42, Nick Hossle, Tyrel Haley, Sam Naasz and Nathan Galbraith

400 relay—5th, :47.60, Jayden Schroeder, Isaac Naasz, Riley Calhoon and Trevor Bertram

Medley relay—3rd, 4:08.9, Jayden Schroeder, Isaac Naasz, Nolan Sachtjen and Luke Engel

Results of the Winner girls team include:

Shot put—Deloris Herman, 5th, 34-10.5

Discus—Casey Norrid, 2nd, 99-6; Deloris Herman, 5th, 97

1600—Chloe Bartels, 2nd, 5:38.31

3200 relay—2nd, 10:29.29, Chloe Bartels, Alexis Richey, Sydney Schuyler and Hayley Halverson

800 relay—5th, 1:57.59, Rachel Sherman, Alexis Richey, Kelsey Bertram and Hayley Halverson

400 relay—6th :56.40, Rachel Sherman, Sydney Schuyler, Kelsey Bertram and Hayley Halverson

Medley relay—3rd, 4:46.25, Rachel Sherman, Kelsey Bertram, Alexis Richey and Chloe Bartels

1600 relay—2nd 4:25.51, Chloe Bartels, Hayley Halverson, Sydney Schuyler and Alexis Richey

track schuyler 800 reclay

Colome Girls Track Team Takes 2nd

track kinzer 100

The Colome girls track team took second place at the Ft. Randall Conference meet in Lake Andes on May 12. The Cowgirls took first place in several events.

Results of the Colome girls include:

Long jump—Hayley Krumpus, 2nd, 14-10.5; Taylor Hrabanek, 3rd, 14-7

Discus—Colby Taggart, 2nd, 70-11

Shot put—Taggart, 1st, 31-9

Triple jump—Krumpus, 5th, 29-5

Shot put—Taggart, 1st, 31-9

3200 relay—1st, 11:07.35, Lauren Week, Jaclyn Laprath, Callie Heath and Taylor Hrabanek

800 relay—4th, 2:05.15, Lauren Week, Morgan Hofeldt, Mariah Kinzer and Callie Heath

1600—Jaclyn Laprath, 4th, 6:16.5

400—Callie Heath, 2nd, 1:08.99; Kinzer 5th, 1:14.45; Maggie McCarty, 6th, 1:20

300 hurdles—Hofeldt, 3rd, :57.50

Medley relay—3rd, 5:11.88, Morgan Hofeldt, Mariah Kinzer, Taylor Hrabanek and Jaclyn Laprath

800—Hofeldt, 3rd, 2:57.01; Lauren Week, 5th, 2:58.99; Hrabanek 6th, 2:59.62

200—Heath, 2nd, :27.99

3200—Laprath, 1st, 13:19.99

The Colome boys took fifth in the conference meet.

Results of the Colome boys include:

Long jump—Chase Hrabanek, 3rd, 18-5.75

Triple jump—Jackson Kinzer, 4th, 37-11

100—Cole McCarty, 1st, :11.91

800 relay—3rd, 1:38.94, Cole McCarty, Jackson Kinzer, Reed Harter and Chase Hrabanek

400 relay—2nd, :47.10, Chase Hrabanek, Jackson Kinzer, Reed Harter and Cole McCarty

400—Cody Heath, 6th

Medley relay—2nd, 3:59.43, Reed Harter, Cole McCarty, Chase Hrabanek and Jackson Kinzer

800—Cody Heath, 2nd, 2:21.79


Docken Named to Academic Team

jayd docken


Augustana College wrestler Jayd Docken of Winner has been named to the 10 member Capital One Academic all-district VII at large team.

The academic all-district team recognizes the nation’s top student athletes for the combined performances academically and athletically.

District VII is made up of schools from the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference, the Mid-America Athletic Association and the Great American Conference.

Docken will advance to the Capital One Academic all-America ballot where the first, second and third team academic all-Americas will be selected later this month. Docken is the fourth Augustana wrestler to earn academic all-district honors and the first since 2012.

Docken, a senior accounting major, has compiled a 3.50 grade point average and is a three time academic all-NSC honoree, a three time Division II wrestling academic honoree. Docken is a four time national qualifier and a two time All-America honoree posting sixth place finishes at the national championships sophomore and junior seasons.

He earned all-NSIC honors three times in his career, picking up first team honors after going 29-6 in 2015. Docken finished his career at Augustana with a 93-29 record on the mat.

Drey Transfers to USF

shayden drey


Shayden Drey of Winner has been accepted to the University of Sioux Falls. He is transferring from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. He will be majoring in criminal justice with a minor in accounting.

Drey will be playing football for the USF Cougars.

Among other scholarships, Drey received an $8,000 academic scholarship.

Forgey Places Fifth



Dakota Wesleyan University junior Skylar Forgey of Colome took fifth in the 800 meter run at the Great Plains Athletic Conference outdoor championships in Sioux Center, Iowa.

Forgey crossed the finish line in 2:18.9 just more than three seconds behind first place runner Jessa Sughroute of Doane.

Sports Athletic Awards Night

sen athe harter, nate and kelsey

Nate Galbraith, Brendan Harter and Kelsey Bertram were named the  senior outstanding athletes at the Winner Quarterback Club athletic awards night on Friday.

Named as most inspirational were seniors Nick Hossle and Sydney Schuyler.
Seth Daughters, a 2008 graduate of Winner High School and a 2012 graduate of South Dakota State University was the speaker. Daughters played for the Jackrabbit football team. He talked about leadership

It was a night filled with awards for WHS athletes.

Volleyball award winners include: Rachel Sherman most improved junior varsity player; Bailey Volmer, most improved; Lesley Soles, sparkplug; maytag award, Casey Norrid; Dusti Littau, Miss hustle; offensive player, Sydney Fritz; defensive player, Tawny Sherman; outstanding player and most representative, Kelsy Bertram.

Cross country award winners include: most representative were Sydney Schuyler and Grant Winter. Chloe Bartels was named the outstanding female athlete for the third year in a row and Coleton Schuyler was named the male outstanding cross country runner for the second year in a row.

The competitive cheer awards include: spirited—Kelsey Bertram; most improved—Kaitlyn Labahn; outstanding leadership—Hannah Peterson, outstanding cheerleader—Lesley Soles; best bases—Tawny and Rachel Sherman; high flyer award—Bayli Beehler; most representative—Lesley Soles

Dance award winners include: most representative—Dacey Kocer; best pom—Hannah Peterson; best newbie—Macy Olson; most dedicated—Payton Eagle and Jadyn Gregg; best technique—Hayley Halverson; most inspirational and best hip hop—Dacey Kocer; outstanding kick—Skyler VanDenHul; senior leadership and most enthusiastic—Baleigh Turnquist and Kasey Norrid, senior leadership.

Football award winners include: junior varsity player of the year—Cameron Kuil; lifter of the year—Krockett Krolikowski; most improved—Jordan Turgeon; special team player of the year—Sam Naasz; most valuable defensive player—Brendan Harter; most valuable offensive player—Nate Galbraith; outstanding lineman—Kelly Kidwiler; most representative—Nick Hossle; outstanding running back and team MVP—Tyrel Haley.

Girls basketball awards include: Most improved—Rachel Sherman and Bailey Volmer; 110 percent award—Kelsey Bertram; most representative—Tawny Sherman; defensive mvp—Sydnie Schuyler and MVP—Kelsey Bertram

Boys basketball awards include: most improved—Shane Antoine and Izak Moleterno; C Mr. defense—Justus Gregg; C MVP—William Schroeder; C MVP—Luke Engel; JV Mr. defense—Chase Kingsbury; JV MVP—Cameron Kuil; Mr. Hustle—Nick Hossle; Mr. Defense—Sam Naasz; MVP—Nate Galbraith and Brendan Harter; Most representative—Sam Naasz

Wrestling award winners include: outstanding wreslter—Tyrel Haley; most improved—Cohl Turnquist and Colby Curtis

Ironman award—Jaden Schroeder; most representative—Cohl Turnquist

In golf, Luke Engel was named the boys most representative and in girls golf Ronae Klein was named most representative.

Named as a friend of golf was Scott Schramm of KWYR radio station.

Schramm was also honored as the winner of the Bill Pistulka friend of athletics award and the outstanding quarterback club member.

The U.S. Army Reserves scholar athlete award went to Brendan Hartrer and Kelsey Bertram.

hossle schuyler most inspirat ath banqe