Buddy Bench added to library

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A Buddy Bench has been installed at the Tripp County Library. Marsha Risseeuw,
coordinator for a local Modern Woodmen chapter, hopes children and others will
use the bench.

The Buddy Bench, an idea that began with a 2nd grader, Christian Bucks, in 2016. He suggested this to his school principal as a way to help his school friends that were lonely and feeling left out. From there it has mushroomed into a movement to help encourage a feeling of acceptance.

Since that time, Buddy Benches are finding their way onto playgrounds, parks and libraries. In fact, you can find one at the Winner Elementary School and Tripp County Library. Also, the library just acquired “Buddy Book” authored by Patti Brozi which helps children understand the need to be caring and thoughtful to others. The spokesperson for the Buddy Bench idea stresses the need to make sure children understand the purpose behind the bench which is to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship.

Marsha Risseeuw, coordinator for a Modern Woodmen chapter, believes this is a great service project. Her fondest hope is to see children using the bench—maybe reading a book as they wait for their ride to pick them up from the library.

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