Bridge funds

Tripp County received two bridge replacement funding from the South Dakota Department of Transportation meeting in Pierre.

Tripp County had two of the 49 projects that received funding. One of the bridges is at 264th St, northeast of Ideal. The existing bridge is 60 feet and the estimated replacement cost is $600,000.

The second bridge is northeast of Winner at 270th St and is a 38 foot single span bridge. Total estimated replacement cost is$380,000.Bids will be let for work on both bridges.

A total of 113 applications were received by the DOT. Seven cities submitted eight applications and 37 counties submitted 105 applications. The projects will require a 18.05 percent local match.

During the 2020 legislative session, approximately $4 million was appropriated to help offset the local match resulting in approximately 5-6 percent share for the selected local governments.

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