Bernice May, 96

Bernice was born to George and Virginia McCoy on Oct. 12, 1919, on a farm near Springview, Neb. She was the 14th child of 14 children.

Bernice married George Gillespie on May 23, 1936, in Springview, Neb. From this union, four daughters were born. This marriage later ended in divorce.
Bernice moved to Valentine, Neb., where she met Frank May. They were married on Sept. 15, 1951, in Bridgeport, Neb. This union bore two sons. Bernice and her husband operated May Trucking for nine years before acquiring a ranch near Keypaha, S.D., in 1959. They worked the ranch until 1981, when they retired to Burke, S.D., and lived at this location until 1994, when Bernice and Frank moved to Clarkston.

Bernice was a dedicated ranch wife for 21 years and worked as a nursing assistant and elderly caretaker for 30 years. The elderly care facilities were in Winner and Gregory, S.D., and Clarkston.

Bernice’s hobbies were focused on caring for her family, but she did enjoy golf and crocheting. She was a very family oriented, compassionate, loving mother of six children.

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