Angel Gown Project Announced

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Angel Gown is a new project of the Winner VFW Auxiliary. The gowns are used when an infant passes away.

Winner VFW Auxiliary #4674 recently adopted a new project called “Angel Gown”. Angel Gown’s are a relatively new concept to the area and auxiliary member Kathy Kaiser felt there is a need in the Winner area and began to make the gowns.

Her gowns are made from wedding gowns and are usually silk or satin, thus they are very soft to touch. The beautiful gowns have a definite and supportive role during a period of deep grief and distress. They are used when an infant passes away and the infant is then buried in the beautiful gown.

Kathy is in contact with several hospitals and they know to contact her should they have a need for the gown. She has also placed several gowns at the Rapid City Hospital for them to use when appropriate.

Kathy explains that she makes then in sets of four, each set contains four different sizes. Some have embellishments on them and others are plain.

Jan Endes, auxiliary president, announced the project and stated the angel gown has been a much needed item and the families who have been recipients of a gown in the past are so appreciative and express their thanks during their very difficult time.

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