AAU wrestlers place

Ashley Robbins photo
Winner AAU wrestlers who placed at Gettysburg include from left Addyson Wingert-Hempel, Jace Koskan, Roukyn Robbins, Hudson Peters, Rylan Robbins, Rhogan Robbins and Eli Orel. The Winner team tied for 4th place.

The Winner AAU wrestling team tied for 4th place at a recent tournament in Gettysburg.

Rylan Robbins, Roukyn Robbins and Jace Koskan all placed first.

Also placing were Rhogan Robbins, 2nd; Hudson Peters, 2nd; Addyson Wingert-Hempel, 3rd and Eli Orel, 4th.

Apollo Willuweit placed second at Harrisburg and Legend Benedict placed 2nd at Huron on Sunday.

The Winner AAU wrestling tournament will be held Sunday, Jan. 24 at 1 p.m.

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