A Look at You… Wendy Mortenson

Mortenson Wendy J

Name: Wendy Mortenson
Birthplace: Yankton, SD
Family: Husband Marty & 3 children – Hunter, Ryder, & Piper.
Currently reside where: Winner
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Civic/religious/other boards on which you serve or groups/organizations you belong to: Rotary board member, Certified Insurance Counselor, Chamber of Commerce member.
The best thing about my job is: Fulfilling  insurance needs for families.
My favorite childhood memory: Camping with family.
When growing up, I wanted to be: In sales or merchandising.
My most prized possession: Family
Favorite sports teams: Winner Warriors & Huskers.
Favorite current television show: HGTV
Favorite past television shows: Brothers & Sisters
Favorite movie: The Blind Side
Favorite actor: Robin Williams
Favorite actress: Sandra Bullock
Favorite musician/band: Keith Urban
Favorite book/author: Danielle Steel
Favorite publication (newspapers, magazines): People Magazine
Favorite holiday and why: Christmas. To be with family & making memories.
Favorite Bible verse: Psalm 23
Hobbies: Scrapbooking & camping.
Three things that can always be found in my refrigerator: Ketchup, pop, cheese.
My favorite snack: Popcorn
Pet peeve: Dishonesty
Three words that best describe me: Caring, honest, hardworking.
I’ve never been able to: Travel overseas.
I wish I could stop: Worldwide wars.
I’m better than most at: Analyzing myself.
The best times of my life: Family vacations & births of my 3 children.
My most embarrassing moments are: Forgetting someone’s name I should know.
I’d like to have a dollar for: Foul language I hear.
If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to: Hawaii
If I won the lottery: Buy a few nice things & save the rest for future needs of my family.
My definition of a great evening is: Sitting by a campfire & being with family.
A goal I have for the future: Spend more time with family & friends and be healthy.

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