4H Shooting Qualifiers

younger 4h shooters with katie welker


Tripp County 4-H qualifiers have been named in several categories in shooting sports:
Archery—Rylee Root, CWS-R, 118.07; Clay Sell, CWS-R, 116.01; Bethany Cable, CWS-R, 121.02; Josh Musilek, CWS-R, 127.03; Dawson Phillips, CWS-R, 114; Jentry Gregg, CWOS 76
.22—Elle Harris, CMP, 226; Kayla Bachmann, CMP, 165; Luke Hennebold, CMP, 260
.22—Parker Baker, 3P, 214; Cody Amidon, 3P, 222.02
.22—Elle Harris, pistol, 107 and Luke Hennebold, pistol, 182
BB Gun—Ava Craven, 272; Faith Covey, 338.07
Air Rifle—Megan Brozik, 150; Ryan Sell, 180; Clay Sell, 163
Air Pistol—Rowdy Moore, 113

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