4-H Rodeo in the Heat

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This past weekend, rodeo families participated in three 100+ degree days of rodeo starting on Friday in Winner, Saturday in Chamberlain and Sunday in Kennebec, it was hot outside, but the contestants had great times and solid performances.

Contestants want to place in the top four to earn a place in the State 4-H Rodeo held in Fort Pierre on August 18, 19 and 20th, and place in the top 10 to earn points for the all around. As the weekend continued, more 4-Hers got qualified and some keep improving their times and scores.
On Saturday the Rodeo was held at the Missouri Valley Horsemen’s Club Arena at Chamberlain.

In the Junior Boys events: Breakaway: Linkyn Petersek 3.68, Grady Aasby 4.010, Seth Heath 4.070, Swade Reis 19.640, Garret Phillips 26.680. Flag Race: 3rd, Linkyn Petersek 8.303, 6th Garret Phillips 8.715, 10th Wyatt Olson 9.263. Goat Tying: 2nd Linkyn Petersek 11.96, 5th Seth Heath 14.40. Linkyn Petersek won the Junior Boys All Around.

In the Junior Girls events: Barrels: 10th Saylor Schuyler 17.971. Goat Tying: 1st Saydee Heath 9.350, 2nd Ramee Jo Hanson 9.840, 7th Piper Hanson 12.980. Pole Bending: 3rd Saylor Schuyler 24.132, 8th Taryn Starr 25.844.

Chamberlin also had a Junior Junior Division were 8-10 year olds could enter while the Junior events could be 8-13 year olds. If you enter Jr. Jr. Events, your times will not qualify you for state but it makes for more age appropriate competition. Results of Junior Junior Events: Barrels: 2nd Athena Willuweit 17.528, 6th Kyla Mammen 19.490. Goat Tail Untying: 1st Preslie Petersek 6.410, 3rd Athena Willuweit 8.110, 7th Kyla Mammen 8.704. Poles: 2nd Kyla Mammen 25.584, 7th Westlie Cahoy 28.411, 9th Preslie Petersek 29.833.

In the Senior Boys Events: Steer Wrestling: 2nd Finn Hanson 18.160; Tie-Down Roping: 4th Kade Starr 35.260; Team Roping: 1st Kade Starr & Dawson Phillips 14.320, 2nd Payton Eagle & Austin Olson 15.450. Kade Starr was Reserve All Around.

In the Senior Girls Events: Barrels: 3rd Sydney Hollenbeck 17.074, 4th Karsyn Krouse 17.323, 8th Payton Eagle 17.952, 9th Saige Schuyler 18.298. Breakaway: 4th Payton Eagle 5.820. Goat Tying: 2nd Lainee Schonebaum 9.36, 7th Arista Kaiser 12.060, 8th Payton Eagle 12.560, 9th Saige Schuyler12.640. Pole Bending: 1st Payton Eagle 22.355, 2nd Saige Schuyler 22.519, 6th Lainee Schoenbaum 27.164. Ribbon Roping: 1st Lainee Schoenebaum 6.43. Payton Eagle won the Senior All Around and Lainee Schoenebaum won Reserve All Around.

Kennebec rounded off the three day weekend of rodeo on Sunday, it was another hot day but that didn’t stop good times.

Junior Girls Events: Breakaway: 4th Kate Weborg 8.035, 6th Ramee Jo Hanson 20.460. Barrels: 5th Ashlyn Hoffine 16.454, 6th Ramee Jo Hanson 16.459, 10th Athena Willuweit 16.616. Goat Tying: 4th Ramee Jo Hanson 11.390, 5th Ashlyn Hoffine 12.025. Pole Bending: 3rd Saydee Heath 22.626, 4th Ramee Jo Hanson 22.815, 7th Saylor Schuyler 23.429, 10th Ashlyn Hoffine 23.599. Ramee Jo Hanson was Runner Up All Around.

Junior Boys Events: Goat Tying: 1st Linkyn Petersek 10.185, 7th Wyatt Olson 14.000, 8th Stetson Shelbourn 14.120, 9th Garret Phillips 15.480. Breakaway: 1st Linkyn Petersek 2.23, 4th Seth Heath 4.720, 8th Burner Schenefeld 7.000, 10th Tucker Even 20.105. Flag Race: 5th Teigan Vanderpol 8.667, 6th Linkyn Petersek 8.694, 8th Garret Phillips 8.911, 9th Seth Heath 8.964. Linkyn won the Junior Boys All Around.

Senior Girls Events: Barrels: 7th Lainee Schoenebaum 16.543, 8th Baylie Hoffine 16.565, 9th Sydney Hollenbeck 16.793, 10th Karsyn Krouse 16.924. Breakaway: 1st Lainee Schonebaum 2.95, 3rd Saige Schuyler 5.075. Goat Tying: 2nd Saige Schuyler 10.640, 3rd Arista Kaiser 11.165, 7th Payton Eagle 12.560, 8th Karsyn Krouse 12.620, 10th Lainee Schoenebaum 12.940. Saige Schuyler was Runner Up All Around.

Senior Boys Events: Tie Down Roping: 1st Beau Dean 14.530, 2nd Austin Olson 17.660, 3rd Dawson Phillips 17.800. Steer Wrestling: Beau Dean 5.310, 2nd Finn Hanson 5.560, 3rd Wyatt Cahoy 6.280. Team Roping: 1st Rich Marone & Beau Dean 11. 87. Beau Dean won the All Around.

Our south central South Dakota has some strong rodeo athletes. There is one month left of 4-H Rodeo, some are sharpening their skills, some are still trying to get qualified, either way, the bond between animal and athlete grows. It takes a lot of volunteers and workers at each rodeo and all three rodeos need commended for their hard work!

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