Pierre, S.D. -The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Commission did not adopt their proposal which would have expanded the use of hounds to hunt mountain lions.

The initial request, through the citizen petition process, asked to remove the restrictions of the use of hounds on public land outside of the Black Hills Fire Protection District. In October, the GFP Commission accepted a petition as a proposal which allowed for public input and a public hearing at their November meeting.

After receiving public comment and further discussing the matter, the GFP Commission did not adopt the change. Lion hunting with hounds outside the Black Hills Fire Protection District will remain under the same structure. Pursuits must originate on private land and can culminate on School and Public Lands or Bureau of Land Management properties with the exception of the Fort Meade Recreation Area.


Winner Honor Roll

Honor: Dalton Baker, Carter Brickman, Meredith Calhoon, Riley Calhoon, Elisabeth Duffy, Madyson Frazier, Hannah Hanson, Madelyn Hanson, Daesha Klein, Ronae Klein, Hanna LaCompte, Nick Lantz, Zach Lapsley, Samantha Marts, Levi McClanahan, Madyson Morehart, Brekkyn Nagel, Lexie Nedved, Lauren Norrid, Macy Olson, Matthew Smither, Nathan Smither, Ian Tunnissen
Merit: Ty Bolton, Macie Ferwerda, Justus Gregg, Matt Hartley, Tanner Moeller, Charles Novak, Destiny Ruden, Alex Schaeffer, Mason Schuyler, Riley Sund, Savannah Vogel, Atlas Willuweit,

Honor: Bayli Beehler, Sierra Hansen, Gabriel Kocer, Katy Lantz, Sophia Lewis, Gracie Littau, Abby Marts, Makenna Petersen, Alexis Richey, Casey Stickland, Andrew Taylor, Madison Thieman, Logan Tunnissen, Wyatt Turnquist, Brandon Volmer, Tedra Vrbka, Tyson Westendorf, Sadie Woods
Merit: Taylor Audiss, Brielle Bachmann, Elijah Blare, Kassie Cox, Jeslyn Felix, Luke Hennebold, Yvonne Morana, Tyler Olson, Makayla Petersen, Nolan Sachtjen, Hunter Shopene, Alina Weiler

Honor: Austin Bicek, Jacob Clay, Kiersten Durrin, Kara Ewing, Morgan Hammerbeck, Emmarie Kaiser, Isabelle Leyden, Ryder Mortenson, Ethan Niehus, Trevor Peters, Addy Root, Saige Schuyler
Merit: Joren Bruun, Isabella Gilpin, Jaynee Gregg, Phillip Jorgensen, Zane Mandl, Riley McClanahan, Kameron Meiners, Loren Moeller, Austin Olson, Abigail Pajl, Jayce Palmer, Leeland Price, Heather Rowe, Marlee Schaeffer, Isaac Schramm, Charlotte Shopene, Alicia Stands, Kenndal Turnquist, Ethan Vesely, Jayd Whitley

Honor: Brennan Bachmann, Meagan Blare, Bailey Brown, Megan Brozik, Shannon Calhoon, Jesse Calhoon, Evan Farner, Brady Fritz, Hayley Halverson, Taylor Headrick, Katherine Jankauskas, Dawsyn Kahler, Maggie LaCompte, Mackenzie Levi, Steven Lin, Aryn Meiners, Bosten Morehart, Kayla Natoli, Delanie Nelson, Preston Norrid, Marlie Schuyler, Shelby Scott, Teresa Taylor, Landon Thieman
Merit: Chase Boerner, Zach Bohnet, Kady Cable, Kaylee Eli, Carly Fisher, Presley Foudray, Jackson Hansen, Arista Kaiser, Mercedes Klein, Sam Kruger, Allie Lapsley, Jude Lau, Jayda Plucker, Gennifier Schuppan, Austin Wheadon

Eighth Grade
Honor: Finn Bartels, Adam Bohnet, Ellie Brozik, Taralyn Cordier, Katie Dreyer, Jenna Hammerbeck, Emma Jorgensen, Kaden Keiser, Gilon Kraft, Adrienne Lewis, Elvis Lin, Marissa Meiners, Michael Olson, Kaleb Osborn, Kolbie Osborn, Charley Pravecek, Kelsey Sachtjen,Sidda Schuyler, Bella Swedlund, Jackson Vesely
Merit: Parker Baker, Shayla Bice, Alex Bohnet, Torre Buus, George Clark, Joey Cole, Jenny Guan, Shelby Guerue, Hattie Hespe, Hailey Hollenbeck, Nathan Howland, Hannah Kaiser, Ashton Klein, Kylar Meek, Owen Monk, Alani Old Lodge, Elijah Peterson, Ryan Sell, Kayleigh Stands, Trinity Vrbka, Achilles Willuweit

Seventh Grade
Honor: Kendyl Bachmann, Mali Beehler, Brindy Bolander, Melanie Brozik, Faith Covey, Maggie DeMers, Justin Hausman, Ainsley Henderson, Joselin Kludt, Tessa Mann, Aleya Miller, Pierce Nelson, Dalton Petersen, Rylee Root, Blake Volmer, Leah Wiechelman
Merit: Ethan Bartels, Kaden Bennett, Luke Boerner, Silas Chasing Hawk, Penelope Chasing Hawk, Illyanna Crabb, Shayne Day, Kiley Felix, Howard Hardy, Cam Irick, Trista Kierstead, Jack Kruger, Tayden Mathis, Kelbi Meiners, Rowdy Moore, Riley Orel, Hunter Osborn, Jack Peters, Clay Sell, Mallory Thayer, Cody Wheadon

Sixth Grade
Honor: Leila Balsiger, Karlee Brozik, Maxton Brozik, Tayn Buus, Bailey Fairbanks, Payton Fisher, Emily Sachtjen, Jude Sargent
Merit: Aiden Barfuss, Noah Best, Caleb Boerner, Sydney Brown, Spencer Calhoon, Arianna Chasing Hawk, Kendall Dice, Mina Eagle Elk, Miranda Fisher, Arliss Hardy, Francine Iron Heart, Ellison Kaiser, Alexis Klein, Daelynn LaPointe, Ashlynn McPhee, Stratton Morehart, Garrett Phillips, Samuel Scholz, Saylor Schuyler, Cassandra Shutt, Dustin Sund, Braden Tarrell, Cecilia Watson

Colome Honor Roll

Superior (All A’s)

Seniors: Maggie McCarty, Zane Rohde, Caleb Vandenbark, Jeremiah Yeaman
Junior: Jaclyn Laprath, Abby Pechota, Layton Thieman
Sophomores: Haley Krumpus
Freshman: Keegan Brumbaugh, Saydee Heath, Baylie Hoffine, Abby Kortan
Eighth Grade: Riley Shippy, Maya Vandenbark, Elizabeth Yeaman
Seventh Grade: Landi Krumpus
Sixth Grade: Emma Vandenbark

Excellent (All A’s and B’s – No C’s)
Seniors: Kaylee Bolton, Andrew Laprath, Kolton Salonen
Juniors: Beau Bertram, Wyatt Cahoy, Grace Campbell, Chase Dufek, Jackson Kinzer, Alice Rehnberg, Hana Rowe, Riggin Shippy
Sophomores: Jacob Beckers, James Brumbaugh, Megan Charles, Eli Kortan, Juli Larson, Jordyn Seegers, Retta Tate
Freshman: Rhet Bertram, Lanie Bolton, Luke Bolton, Makayla Shippy, Michael Supik
Eighth Grade: AJ Davis, Caden Munroe, Drew Musilek, Tanea Potter, Bayden Seegers, Katie Welker
Seventh Grade: Aidan Muller, Taylor Nelsen, Sully Shippy, Alec Thieman
Sixth Grade: Jack Anderson, Shanna Connot, Jordyn Harter, Bromley Heath, Shaleena Kingsley, Joseph Laprath, Tianna Larson, Alexis Love, Jordan Musser, Lilly Nelson, Stetson Shelbourn

“B” Average No D’s
Seniors: Cody Assman, Nash Atteberry, Jamin Dougherty
Juniors: Taylor Chasing Hawk, Kaydee Heath, Rayne Hermsen, Jaikob Week, Matrix Noteboom, Calvin Ringing Shield
Sophomores – Matt Bossert, Carleen Burger, Stormie Fast Horse, Cailob Week, Sara O’Bryan
Freshman: Clarissa Ringing Shield, Hailey Thieman
Eighth Grade – Aaron Campbell, Abby Eliason, Jesse Larson, Kasie Leighton, Erick Marso, Dusty Sell, Hayden Thieman
Seventh Grade: Devan Dougherty, Kash Heath, Ashlyn Hoffine, Paige Paulson, Libbie Petersek, Jordyn Ring, Toree Ringing Shield
Sixth Grade: Kalene Preslicka

Perfect Attendance
Senior: Jeremiah Yeaman
Junior: Beau Bertram, Wyatt Cahoy, Kaydee Heath, Rayne Hermsen, Jackson Kinzer, Alice Rehnberg, Calvin Ringing Shield
Sophomores: Jacob Beckers, James Brumbaugh, Megan Charles, Adam Cole, Retta Tate, Cailob Week
Freshman: Rhet Bertram, Nathaniel Hansen, Saydee Heath, Allan McKenzie, Clarissa Ringing Shield, Hailey Thieman
Eighth Grade: Jesse Larson, Drew Musilek, Dusty Sell, Katelyn Welker, Elizabeth Yeaman
Seventh Grade: Sophie Hofeldt, Landi Krumpus, Taylor Nelson, Kaden Pechota, Toree Ringing Shield
Sixth Grade: Jordyn Harter, Klayton Heath, Shaleena Kingsley, Joseph Laprath, Tianna Larson, SierraAnn McCall, Lilly Nelson

Congressional Candidate Stops in Winner

By Dan Bechtold, Editor

Tim Bjorkman has dedicated his career as an advocate and a circuit judge to solving problems in a common sense, non-partisan way.

Bjorkman, a former circuit judge in the First Judicial Circuit, is the Democratic candidate for Congress.

The candidate was in Winner Thursday afternoon to listen to concern of citizens.

As a judge for over 10 years, Bjorkman said he had a front row seat to see a lot of problems facing South Dakotans.

He said he saw a lack of access to health care. He added he saw addiction mushroom over the past 10 years especially the methamphetamine problem.

He sees middle class people and businesses struggling to pay for health care insurance.

Bjorkman said he wants to run for Congress to strengthen the family and give them an economic chance. “I think tax relief ought to go to the middle class and lower income American families,” he said. The former judge explained these are the people who need the help the most.

“I want to stand for affordable health care for every American. In South Dakota, we are leaving out 50,000 people who do not have access to health care,” he said. Bjorkamn is not a proponent of Medicaid expansion as he feels everyone should pay what they can.

As he crosses the state talking to people, Bjorkman says people want Congress to work across the aisle to solve problems. “They are fed up with both parties,” he said.

Bjorkman grew up in Kimball. He graduated from the USD School of Law in 1982 and practiced law in Bridgewater for 23 hears. When there was an opening on the bench, Bjorkman ran for office and was elected.

He stepped down as a judge in June.

The candidate is an opponent of the Republican tax plan

Oral Interp Students Advance to Regional

Several Winner High School oral interp students advanced to the regional following the local contest in Winner on Friday.

The students who advance are: Madyson Morehart, oratory; Shelby Scott, humorous; Presley Foudray and Kayla Natoli, duet; Presley Foudray in serious; Andrew Taylor in storytelling and Megan Brozik in poetry.

Winner students competed at an oral interp contest in Pierre on Saturday. Taylor took second in storytelling and Foudray was third in serious reading.

Keiser, Turnquist Wrestle at Nationals

Kaden Keiser and Wyatt Turnquist competed in the Cliff Keen pre-season wrestling nationals in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Keiser took fifth in the 105 pound middle school division. He had 61 wrestlers in his bracket.

Turnquist went 3 and 2 in the 126 pound 11-12 high school division. He had 63 wrestlers in his bracket.

The high school division wrestled on Saturday, Oct. 28 ad the middle school and elementary divisions on Sunday, Oct. 29.

University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine Receives National Honor

The University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine is the 2017 recipient of the Spencer Foreman Award for Outstanding Community Service. This distinguished award – considered by many to be the top award that a medical school can receive- is presented by the Association of American Medical Colleges, the national organization for America’s 147 medical teaching institutions.

The award recognizes successes and efforts by the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine to serve the health care needs of rural citizens in South Dakota, including those living in or near small towns and on Native American reservations.

“We are grateful to the many communities and countless individuals across our state who partner with us and support our mission to serve South Dakotans,” said Dr. Mary Nettleman, dean of the medical school. “This gratifying award humbles us and inspires us to continue our work.”

In announcing the award, the Association of American Medical Colleges issued the following statement: “The University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine has dedicated itself to advancing the state’s highest health priority: ensuring South Dakotans have access to high-quality, culturally appropriate care.”

The University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine was presented this award at the annual meeting of the Association of American Medical Colleges, held in early November in Boston, Massachusetts.

World Food Prize Hosts 200 Young Leaders at 2017 Global Youth Institute

High school students from 27 states and territories and nine countries were selected to attend the 24th Annual Global Youth Institute October 19-21st in Des Moines, Iowa. Heather Rowe from Winner High School was among the 200 students selected to attend the prestigious three-day conference. Rowe engaged with global leaders in science, policy, and industry to discuss the world’s most pressing challenges in hunger and poverty.

In order to participate in the program, students research and write a paper on a topic affecting food security in a developing country and provide recommendations on how to better the lives of a typical family in the country. Once accepted, students are invited to attend the three-day event and engage in hands-on activities and service-learning projects that allow them to reflect on their unique role in addressing challenges related to agriculture, policy, science, industry, and hunger relief efforts both in the U.S. and abroad.

The Global Youth Institute is held in conjunction with the World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue International Symposium, which annually gathers the world’s foremost leaders and thinkers in global food security. Students present and discuss their innovative ideas to combat hunger with World Food Prize Laureates, international experts and peers from over 60 countries. Students also attend symposium sessions centered on current research, trends, and innovations in combating hunger and poverty. Featured speakers included:

· 2017 World Food Prize Laureate, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President, African Development Bank Group
· Dr. Rajiv Shah, President, Rockefeller Foundation
· His Excellency John Mahama, former President of Ghana
· Dr. Louise Fresco, President of the Executive Board, Wageningen University & Research Center

At the Global Youth Institute, Rowe interacted with young leaders from around the US as well as nine other countries including Canada, China, Bangladesh, Brazil, Ghana, Kosovo, Mexico, Pakistan, and Philippines. The World Food Prize Foundation also announced plans to expand its youth programs outside the US with the launch of the first international youth institutes in the Netherlands and Nigeria in summer 2018.

Created by Dr. Borlaug and Iowa businessman and philanthropist John Ruan in 1994, the Global Youth Institute receives major support from Clay Mathile and the Mathile Institute for the Advancement of Human Nutrition. The program was developed to challenge and inspire participating student and teachers to identify innovative strategies to alleviate hunger and to expose the students to opportunities and careers in food, agriculture and natural resource disciplines. Of the students who complete the program, about 92% go on to pursue college degrees in agriculture and science and 77% choose careers in agriculture, STEM and other fields critical to the fight against hunger. The Institute also boasts an impressive, two-thirds participation by young women. Dr. Borlaug often stated, “I am certain that these students will become the future agricultural, scientific and humanitarian leaders in the fight to end hunger”.