Dehning ~ SD A.A.R.P. Grandparent of the Year

My Grandma Twyla Dehning should be the AARP South Dakota Grandparent of the Year. She is cheerful, caring, humorous, and loving. She also believes in me. She is a great role model for me. My Grandma loves to read. She is very good at it and has aspired me to be a great reader, as well.

My Grandma is caring by always helping out around her community anytime she can. She sends a lot of good gifts to us for Christmas, birthday and anniversaries. This year I got five dollars for Christmas. She sends letters a lot to see how we’re doing, and what’s going on. Grandma makes sure she calls on everyone’s birthday, and there are a lot of us. When we go to her house, we have so much fun even though it’s almost 5 hours away. One time we surprised her on her birthday. She was so surprised and so excited that we came. When we go to her house we usually spend a few days there because we don’t like driving down there and back all in one day. When we go, we have lots of fun. We get ice cream and cookies and milk. We cook together and make all the meals with her. We go to the park and play. She also likes to show us her old school, where she grew up, and her favorite places as a kid. I can also call her 24/7 and she will answer.

Grandma Twyla is cheerful in many ways. She makes people happy when they are sad. When someone gets hurt, she will help them up and make them feel better with her funny jokes and her loving words. Even though her husband died, she is cheerful. When she is sad, she is still cheerful, even if it doesn’t look like it. She has some really funny jokes and stories. She tells us stories about her childhood. She once gave my mom and dad a family tree, and I am in it. When she comes to our house we have lots of fun, even though we have to go to school a lot. When she calls, she always asks how the “babysitter” cows are doing. That’s what she calls them. She only says that during caving season. The babysitter cows are cows that belong to other people, but we take care of them all year.

My Grandma is loving and humorous. She is loving because she calls and tells us happy birthday, or calls and tells my mom and dad happy anniversary. She also sends happy birthday cards and anniversary cards to everyone in the Dehning family. She also gives others big hugs. My Grandma is humorous because she makes everyone happy when they are sad. She says that is her specialty. She has good jokes, and they make her laugh. When she laughs her smile is as big as the moon and as bright as the sun.

If these reasons don’t convince you that my Grandma should be the AARP South Dakota Grandparent of the Year, then you should meet her and spend a day with her. She is caring, loving, cheerful, and humorous and she is always willing to help anyone in need in anyway she can. She also believes in me and is a good influence for me. I inspire to be more like her.

Raylynn Dehning
Colome Consolidated School District

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